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Spaghetti Feed - Varsity


March 10th - Voordepoorte's house  phone 547-7300      10512 W. Court Pasco, WA

March 16th - Beaumier's house     phone 627-1764          480 Anthony Richland

March 23rd - Muller's house          phone 206-999-8035    487 Melissa Richland

March 30th - Hunter's house         phone 369-7505          2130 Morency Richland

April 6th -  Jarecki's house             phone 205-5821          1430 Alice Street Richland

April 13th  - Hancock's house        phone 528-6392          68705 E. 715 PR NE Richland

April 21st  - McClelland's house    phone 366-5231          2300 Inverness Ct. Richland

April 27th - Pietrok's house            Phone 727-4568        978 Allenwhite Dr. Richland

To host a Varsity Spaghetti Feed please contact ____________

Spaghetti Feed Information:
Several parents have expressed an interested in getting an idea of how much food to prepare for the Spaghetti Feeds. Below are suggestions based on a Varsity Spaghetti Feed for 24 boys. JV boys should expect 12-15 boys.
These are suggestions based on comments from last years feeds.

Boys could arrive between 6:00 and 6:30 pm depending on when practice gets out.
6-8 lbs of spaghetti (cook pasta before the feed and warm in hot water when they arrive)
1 Costco packages of meatballs
2 large Costco size Prego sauce plus 1 Ragu spaghetti sauce
1 large alfredo sauce
2 lasagnas (the person who served lasagna cooked 6 lbs of spaghetti)
4-5 loaves of bread
3 bags of salad
For dessert: cream puffs are a huge hit, brownies and oranges or other fruit
 Please remind your player to thank the hands that feed them. 

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